We Remember You Well

1. We Remember You Well

2. Eight More Hours

3. Play It Again

4. No Small Boats

5. Tarsands Lament

6. Sunny Old St. John’s

7. Peace In Time

8. Song Not A Rifle

9. Getting Dark Again

10. Fisherman's Token

11. Tha mo Ghaol air 'Aird' a Chvain (Jamie On The Stormy Sea)

Bonus Track

Getting Dark Again (A Night At The Pub)

We Remember You Well.mp3 Eight More Hours.mp3 Play It Again.mp3 No Small Boats.mp3 Tarsands Lament.mp3 Sunny Old St. John s.mp3 Peace In Time.mp3 Song Not A Rifle.mp3 Getting Dark Again.mp3 Fisherman's Token.mp3 Tha mo Ghaol air 'Aird' a Chvain.mp3