" shadow and me"

1. Down Where the River Flows 2:58

2. Atlantic Seabreeze 3:57

3. In Vancouver Tonight 3:15

4. Hobo Hotel 4:23

5. Nobody Home 3:47

6. Bright Star Shining 4:50

7. Mountains Never Sleep 3:23

8. Doing Nothing 3:28

9. Six Strings and Me 3:53

10. We Remember You Well 3:50

11. Farewell To Friends

This is some of Buddy’s best work, an introspective collection that shows an evolution in his music over the years. Rooted deeply in the Gaelic area of Cape Breton’s North Shore, much of his early work has a sound and pacing distinctive to that culture, while you can often spot a new song just from its feel. A good comparison is the older Atlantic Seabreeze and the much newer Mountains Never Sleep. Whatever the comparison, this CD has the variety that you would hear at a live Buddy performance...old and new...and always good. Dan MacDonald

DownWhereTheRiverFlows.mp3 DownWhereTheRiverFlows.mp3 AtlanticSeabreeze.mp3 InVancouverTonight.mp3 HoboHotel.mp3 NobodyHome.mp3 BrightStarShining.mp3 MountainsNeverSleep.mp3 DoingNothing.mp3 SixStringsAndMe.mp3 WeRememberYouWell.mp3 FarewellToFriends.mp3