Getting Dark Again

We Remember You Well

Tribute To North Shore Singers

Atlantic Sea Breeze

No Small Boats

Six Strings And Me

Tarsands Lament

Sunny Old St. Johns

Fisherman’s Token

Retreat From Ross Ferry

Song Not A Rifle

Eight More Hours

Country Christmas Ceilidh

Play It Again

(CD included with all songs in their entirety)

GettingDarkAgain.mp3 WeRememberYouWell.mp3 Tribute To North Shore Singers.mp3 Atlantic Sea Breeze.mp3 No Small Boats.mp3 Six Strings And Me.mp3 Tarsands Lament.mp3 Sunny Old St. Johns.mp3 Fisherman’s Token.mp3 Retreat From Ross Ferry.mp3 Song Not A Rifle.mp3 Eight More Hours.mp3 Country Christmas Ceilidh.mp3 Play It Again.mp3